Steelheart Guitarist Resurfaces In Voices Of Extreme

Steelheart Guitarist Resurfaces In Voices Of Extreme

August 4, 2014

Steelheart guitarist Chris Risola has joined the New York based band Voices Of Extreme, and appears in the group’s new video for the single “Martyr”.

Voices Of Extreme released their second album ‘Break The Silence’ on November 15th, 2013 through Smashmouth Records. Since the album’s release the band’s line-up was revamped with the addition of Risola and drummer Bill Ciaramelli joining founders Don Chaffin (vocals) and Bob Brennan (bass).

The band will be hitting the road all over the Eastern United States this fall with the new line-up and more new music will be released in the coming months.

“Break The Silence,” states Chaffin, “is a culmination of the band’s collective influences and various individual styles of the band members and a direct outreach to the fans who have come to love and support our music and live performances!” ‘Break The Silence’, and the band’s debut album ‘Hypocrite’, can be purchased at

Guitarist Chris Risola first started playing at the age of 13. He eventually joined Steelheart, resulting in the albums ‘Steelheart’ and ‘Tangled In Reins’. The band’s self-titled debut reached #40 on the Billboard charts behind the hit singles “She’s Gone”, “Everybody Loves Eileen” and the top twenty ballad “”I’ll Never Let You Go”.

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