Steelheart Records to release two unreleased albums from late ’80s / early ’90s band Sateria

Steelheart Records to release two unreleased albums from late ’80s / early ’90s band Sateria

Great news for fans of glam rockers Sateria as Steelheart Records will be releasing two of the band’s unreleased records from the early ’90s.

The following message as posted on Steelheart Records‘ Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits)

Steelheart Records is really proud to announce the signing of the hard rock band Sateria for the release of no less than two album!

Founded at the end 1987/early 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by vocalist Martie Peters and guitarist René Shades (now worldwide known for his role as bass-player in Pretty Maids!), with the help of keyboarder Jacob Alsøe, bassist Steevi Tee and drummer Carsten Dan Petersen, Sateria quickly conquered the Danish hard rock scene, headlining many clubs in Copenhagen and opening for various big acts, from Little Angels to Europe, to critical acclaim.

Inspired by acts like Poison, Mötley Crüe and White Lion, the band recorded in 1990 their debut-album, called “Cold Beer… And A Hat Full of Fun”, an intense affair of glam/sleaze rock; their search for a label to release the album was looking promising, when a major-label approached them. Unfortunately the deal fell through and the album never saw the light of day. Until now! As the CD will finally see the long-due light of the day via Steelheart Records.

Despite this disappointment, the band started working again on a new album, in 1992. Almost 30 songs were written and recorded. A little frustrated with the scene, Martie Peters left and formed Push. He was replaced by Tommy Szarafin and the band consequently left the glam rock style behind, getting more of a biker rock attitude a la Junkyard and L.A. Guns.

In 1994 they got a deal with the now defunct danish label X-Treme Records and released their first and only full-length album called “Crash Bang Boom”. But, back then, the band recorded the same album with all vocals provided by original singer Martie Peters for a more melodic/glam rock result. This unreleased master will now be available for the first time ever! With some more bonus, demo and live tracks.

A special thanks to the band’s manager Ken Anthony, who contacted us and conducted all the deals. Ken Anthony Management: / + 45 30296057

And another very special thanks goes to René Shades, who has provided us with all the audio material, totally restored from the original master-tapes. You ROCK, mate!

Both Sateria CDs will be released by Steelheart Records later this year. Stay tuned!”