Steelheart Singer To Be Featured In Biographical Documentary


January 26, 2009

“North Sea Films” & director Dana Altman have finalized agreements to produce “GOOD 2B ALIVE”. A biographical documentary film on the life & music of Miljenko Matijevic “SteelHeart”.

Dana Altman of North Sea Films has announced a green light on production of “GOOD 2B ALIVE”, a documentary film about singer and composer, Miljenko Matijevic AKA “SteelHeart”.

The film will be a detailed look into the extraordinary life of Miljenko and his music; an incredible journey back to the stage after the devastating accident in Denver Colorado, during his performance at the “McNichols Arena. In 1992 on Halloween night SteelHeart had already a platinum selling album under their belt and their second album on its way to gold, when it all came to a screeching halt. A lighting truss collapsed and crushed him to the stage, removing him from the music scene and his life’s passion.

In a sequence of, what can go wrong, did go wrong is the thread to this incredible true story of human perseverance, the resurrection of a Rock Star. An inspiring journey of the human spirit; how one man keeps the faith regardless of the odds. The producers are planning the final shoot to take place at a free festival called “GOOD 2B ALIVE”, in Zagreb Croatia, Miljenko’s birthplace. This festival is anticipated to be the first of many around the world to come.

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