Steelshine Release Two New Singles This Month

Steelshine Release Two New Singles This Month

June 25, 2012

Steelshine — the new project featuring King Kobra and Big Cock guitarist Dave Henzerling, Greg Leon Invasion and Big Cock drummer John Covington, and former Adler’s Appetite vocalist Seann ‘Tarsha’ Nicols — have released two new singles this month, “Devil Moon” and “Rock ‘N Roll Made A Man Out Of Me”. Both songs can be purchased and previewed at

Regarding the song “Devil Moon” Dave Henzerling told, “This one shows a little bit of our old blues and Zeppelin influences. My good friend Lear Black and I had an idea to write some Robert Johnson-ish ‘down by the crossroads’ lyrics. What actually came to be was a bit more sinister as we both explored what might happen as we’re finally about to cross over to the other side. I had to break out the acoustic guitar and mandolin and get my bluegrass on for this song. My Canadian friends Marc LaFrance and Mick Dalla-Vee sang backgrounds, they did a lot of Bryan Adams and Loverboy songs back in the day (Marc also sang backgrounds on Motley Crue’s ‘Dr. Feelgood’, btw). Basic tracks-wise, it’s just me and John jamming on guitar and drums (and stand-up bass added later), I think there’s a little Joe Perry-style Aerosmith in there as well along with some classic Bad Company piano. No hiding our influences here, I’m afraid…”

When it comes to “Rock ‘N Roll Made A man Out Of Me”, Henzerling continues, “RRMMOM is a straight ahead, balls-out rocker. John did this in one take and I think he killed it. The words speak for themselves and Seann really made the song come alive. I wanted to do something a little different in the middle section, so I fired up the old black light and thought, “what would The Who do?”. I think you’ll agree we listened to the album ‘Who’s Next’ way too much back in high school. I dig it, though. My buddies Steve Santos and Kris Seuberling helped out on the backgrounds (along with Marc LaFrance). I had to bribe them with beer and potato chips to come over, but they had fun (although I couldn’t get them to leave after the session was over). We jammed on some Kansas and Ted Nugent afterwards and it sounded like crap, but that’s another story…”

Steelshine can currently be found at and

Henzerling has played in Keel, Lizzy Borden, Big Cock and Tunnel, but is best known for his work with King Kobra under the name David Michael-Philips. King Kobra recently reunited and released their self-titled comeback album on May 10, 2011 through Frontiers Records with new vocalist Paul Shortino of Rough Cutt fame.

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