Steevi Jaimz ‘Glam Damnation’ Now Available

Steevi Jaimz ‘Glam Damnation’ Now Available

March 25, 2010

Steevi Jaimz Glam Damnation Now AvailableSteevi Jaimz, best known for his work with Tigertailz, has just released ‘Glam Damnation’ on Swedmetal Records. The new CD can be purchased at

STEEVI JAIMZ – Legendary singer of TIGERTAILZ for the Young & Crazy album finally lets loose the old hidden gems from the vault, with great liner notes by Dave Reynolds. 13 great tracks (featuring the classic Cat On A Hot Tin Roof) mastered with fantastic results. Proving one time and for all… STEEVI JAIMZ IS BACK!Last year’s “My Private Hell” was released to worldwide critical acclaim. Written, performed and produced with Chris Laney and Anders Ringman. And now its time to catch up again with some hard hitting songs from STEEVI JAIMZ.

Glam Damnation track listing:
1. Ragamuffin
2. Don’t live a lie
3. Shaken not stirred
4. Cat on a hot tin roof
5. Sorrows got me in a hold
6. Take me to the limit
7. Gods will fly
8. Talk of the town
9. Oneiromancy
10. Now you’re on your own
11. Rodeo
12. Kick that habit
13. Voodoo Dance


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