Stephen Pearcy acknowledges that Ratt without the original members could be his solo band

Stephen Pearcy acknowledges that Ratt without the original members could be his solo band

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by Chuck Shute for the Chuck Shute Podcast.

Ratt currently consists of Pearcy on lead vocals, Juan Croucier on bass, Pete Holmes (Black ‘N Blue) on drums, and Jordan Ziff and Frankie Lindia on guitar. Pearcy‘s solo band consists of guitarists Erik Ferentinos and Frankie Wilsey (Sea Hags, Arcade), bassist Jerry Montano and drummer Scot Coogan (L.A. GunsAce Frehley, Lynch Mob, Brides of Destruction). Ratt‘s remaining “original” or classic line-up members of Pearcy, guitarist Warren DeMartini, bassist Juan Croucier and drummer Bobby Blotzer have not played together live since in or about early 2014.

Shute asked Pearcy whether he tries to present a grittier side with his solo band than with Ratt to which the singer replied (as provided by the Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits):

“Oh, yeah. You know, it’s kind of like… You see Mickey Ratt was a — put it this way, the EP, the Ratt EP. That’s pretty much what the Ratt Bastards is about. It’s just getting out there and just not being so formulated. You know, I respect what Ratt is about and this and that, but right now Ratt without the original members to me, could be my solo band. And you know what? We give him what we got. We never go through motions. But I’d rather play the stuff a little grittier — Mickey Ratt, the Ratt EP — that’s what we get off on.”

In terms of the songs on the Ratt EP and whether they evolved from when they were first written in the ’70s, Pearcy indicated: “Hmmm. No. They’re pretty much the same because those were the songs in our set. When we did out of the cellar, when we started going out on the road, like we opened up for ZZ Top one time and, and we had to play the whole EP, and that’s where “Walkin’ The Dog” was in our set. And so you play what you got. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so anyway, so be it there.”

You can listen to the interview with Stephen Pearcy on the Chuck Shute Podcast below: