Stephen Pearcy advises of one misconception he’d like to put to rest

Stephen Pearcy advises of one misconception he’d like to put to rest

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by Don de Leaumont of The Great Southern Brainfart about two weeks prior to the release of Pearcy‘s fourth solo album Smash.

Pearcy was asked one misconception about himself that he’d like to put to rest to which he replied: “Some people don’t seem to think that I don’t write music. I have to remind them, “Where do you think the EP and Out of the Cellar came from? Another one would be that we’re actually very smart people [laughs].”

Pearcy was also asked about being sober which he had reportedly talked openly about last year. Pearcy commented: “I’m still sober. I’m just not one of those preacher characters because you’re just being hypocritical if you happen to lose it [laughs]… Yeah, it takes a couple of stumbles here and there. My approach in anything that I do is that if I set out to do it, I eventually accomplish it no matter what. I get everything I want done eventually… For me, it’s just made me sharper and possibly meaner [laughs]. I tend to go more underground than to hang out up here with the nonsense of what people think is so relevant.”

In terms of predicting Ratt‘s longevity, Pearcy stated: “Ratt will be 34 years old next year and honestly, we didn’t think any of this would last [laughs]. When Robbin (Crosby; former/passed guitarist) heard our song on two radio stations at once, we were like, “Oh man, we made it!” We didn’t think we’d make it another year or two. We just thought we would get signed and we hoped for the best. Fortunately we had plenty of hits and plenty of these platinum records that nobody gets any more. We took the ride and we took it all the way. Some survived and some didn’t. Some of us are still kicking’.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Pearcy at The Great Southern Brainfart.