Stephen Pearcy clarifies that he / Ratt have never used back vocal or guide tracks, or instruments via a PA

Photo from Joe Schaeffer Photography

Stephen Pearcy clarifies that he and Ratt have never used back vocal or guide tracks, or instruments via a PA

It is not clear exactly which posts prompted Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy to post his latest Facebook message but it might have something to do with Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil‘s rather disappointing ending to his set at the Boone Iowa River Valley Festival in Boone, Iowa, USA on May 29, 2021. During the 14th song of his set, Neil advised the crowd that his “voice was gone” and he stepped off the stage while his band continued to perform the song “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

The following message was posted on Pearcy‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Got to make a point after all these years and directed to some recent posts. First to each his own, But never has RATT (since inception 1981) or myself solo had to use back vocal tracks, guide tracks or instruments blowing through the PA to lay it down. Sure, you have off nights and or your not povorati, party party, but let’s be real here. Fans of our genre are much smarter these days and either want to witness a fail or just don’t give a shit anymore. I’ve never claimed to be mr 5 octave range singer boy, nor did I wish to be. I’m a cement pirate since day one, no bs here. Now let’s go party my friends, see ya out there soon enough, I’ll keep it real with my Ratt Bastards. 🏴‍☠️☠️🏁 Feel lucky punk☠️

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Pearcy‘s concert at The Rockpile in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in late April 2016: “I got to confess that while there is no question that I was looking forward to seeing Pearcy play live, I was somewhat reticent given that there were reports that he wasn’t singing that great anymore. Accordingly, when Pearcy‘s band opened with the great opening notes of “Wanted Man”, I was quite curious to hear how Pearcy sounded like since that would likely play a key factor on how much I would enjoy the show. I was quite pleased when I first heard Pearcy sing as right away, I could tell that while he was probably not going to sound as good as he did on the Ratt albums, his singing was still quite good and would not be an issue on this night.”