Stephen Pearcy explains why did full-length solo album rather than release songs individually

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Stephen Pearcy explains why did full-length solo album rather than release songs individually

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by long-time Sleaze Roxx contributor Ruben Mosqueda but this time for Metal Titans.

Pearcy was asked why his plans changed from releasing his solo songs individually to a full-length solo album. Pearcy replied: “Well, originally the idea was to release four E.P.’s with four song each. I was in the studio moving along at my pace; I heard from a friend of mine that works at Atlantic [Records]. He mentioned that Frontiers wanted to hear the music I had recorded. I spoke with them. I liked what I heard from them, the liked what they heard; I scrapped everything I had and started from scratch. That was about six months ago; I kept “I Can’t Take It” which was mixed, mastered by [former Ratt producer] Beau Hill. I move ahead into “A Whole Other World.” I took the title of the album ‘Smash’ from that song. We were so meticulous song selection and with the sequencing of this album. When we went into the studio; we wanted diversity, we wanted grey, dark and light. I wanted different subject matters. My co-writer and guitarist Erik Ferentinos was very helpful. He took this concept and went to town.”

In terms of his new relationship with Frontiers Music Srl, Pearcy stated: “I believe there will be two albums.”

Pearcy was also asked whether he thought Ratt still owed a record to Roadrunner Records who was the label behind Ratt‘s 2010 Infestation album to which he replied: “[long pause] I really don’t know if that’s the case. It’s been six years since ‘Infestation.’ I just don’t know if that still a valid thing.”

In terms of the current line-up of singer Josh Alan, guitarists Stacey Blades and Mitch Perry, and bassist Brad Lang that round out drummer Bobby Blotzer‘s version of Ratt, Pearcy stated: “I don’t know any of those people. That’s Bobby’s world…I try to stay out of that.” Pearcy was also asked about bassist Robbie Crane‘s involvement with Blotzer‘s version of Ratt to which he replied: “I don’t have an issue with Robbie? Not at all. I’m not one to stop someone from making a living. I’m sure that’s all it was, it was about making some money. I have zero issues with Robbie Crane. We’re good.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Pearcy by Ruben Mosqueda at Metal Titans.

Stephen Pearcy‘s “I Can’t Take It” video:

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