Stephen Pearcy Hitting The Road Again


November 26, 2007

Top Fuel Records present; “Metal in America”, featuring RATT vocalist STEPHEN PEARCY,JETBOY & The Antidivision.

Tour starts this Wednesday Nov. 28th in Denver, CO @ The Soiled Dove thru December 12, Bentonville, AR @ The Icehouse. L.A. to be added, New Years Eve show TBA.

Pearcy Say’s ;

I have the new solo CD “Under My Skin” (on Pearcy’s own label Top Fuel Records) out in a couple months, leaked a couple songs on my space, master the thing and away we go 2008. “UMS” is released in Japan Feb 2008 also. I love the CD, took long enough.New Top Fuel Records artist also releasing in 2008, “The Antidivision” and “Gash, Inc”.

Now we go out M.I.A.and try a few new songs from UMS. Beside going “Round & Round” and laying it down, I’ll be doing songs from Arcade, Vicious Delite, maybe Vertex, the heavier Ratt stuff, anything goes, that’s why we set it up.”Metal In America” was set up for exactly what were doing! Back to basic’s in your face, ass kicking good time, with a splash of Ratt an Roll.I just finished the large summer venues (don’t get me wrong, the bigger the party, the..) but it’s always the smaller venues that really kick it up. I’d rather be at a drag race, speaking of…

You bring it, we finish it! We lay down some Priest, Areosmith, Cooper, Zep, Ratt, whatever. You get crazy, we get crazier, and the party last longer on the solo tours! Don’t ask!

Check for dates, only doing a few, but very much looking forward to Jet Boy and my guitarists new band The Antidivision takin’ care on business, M.I.A.!

We/Top Fuel World with Danno, Evan Knoll-Torco/Skull Gear are planning a new breed of Rock & Racin! A lot to set up for 2008, and then some!! Are you ready for some evil?

“We like going 330 MPH, and makin’ you shake”!

See Ya out there! And always bring a friend!


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