Stephen Pearcy Makes ‘Under My Skin’ Available Online


December 28, 2007 and will make the new Stephen Pearcy, “Under My Skin” CD available online at the TFR mp3 store, (1) song a day for the next (10) days.
Starting the CD release with the first track:

1.) You’re A lot Like Me (Pearcy/Ferentinos) the first track on the CD. Followed in sequence (order).
2.) Watcha Doin’ (Pearcy)
3.) Big Nothin’ (Pearcy)
4.) Time Slips Away (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
5.) In Outta Love (Pearcy/Ferentins)
6.) Under MY Skin (Pearcy)
7.) Bottoms Up (Pearcy)
8.) Here We Go Again (Pearcy/Ferentinos) w/Fred Coury on Drums.
9.) Are You Ready (Pearcy)
10.) Injector (Pearcy)

“Under My Skin”, (Pearcy’s 3rd solo effort) is released in Japan on King Records Feb-March 2008.
At this time TFR are going to release “UMS” online first to the hard core (Pearcy Rat Bastard fans, and Ratt fans worldwide) for the first time.

Pearcy say’s; “The way things are, if you want it tangible (packaged with liner notes, jewel box) You can always get the liner notes if requested. TFR will have the CD available Feb 2008 in time for the NHRA Winternationals in Pamona, CA.”More on the racing newz soon!

“Under My Skin” finds Pearcy back to the early Ratt roots and say’s the CD was always in a positive mode, aggressive when needed. Pearcy plays almost all the guitars and solo’s.Erik Ferentinos’ (Rat Bastard/The Antidivision lead guitarist, vocalist) also co writing again on the new CD.

Other Top Fuel Records releases for 2008 are: “The Antidivision”, “Gash, Inc”, “Tribute to RATT Compilation” CD, “Metal in America” Compilation CD of (20) unsigned bands around the U.S.A., Drag Racing DVD’s, Pearcy solo, Arcade, re releases of “Before & Laughter 1”, Vicious Delite, “Social Intercourse”, “Arcade A/3-A/4, (ALL with bonus songs) and Live DVD’s, and newer bands!

And of course the new SEP, “Under My Skin” CD on Top Fuel Records 2008.

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