Stephen Pearcy releases Ratt sounding solo track “Ten Miles Wide” for streaming

Stephen Pearcy releases Ratt sounding solo track “Ten Miles Wide” for streaming

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy has released a fourth track from his upcoming fourth solo album Smash for streaming.

This time, the singer has released the song “Ten Miles Wide” for which a video is in the works.

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx recently in an interview, Pearcy stated the following about whether it’s a conscious decision to have his solo material sound different than Ratt: “Umm, yes. It tends to be anything I write, especially if I am writing the music, it’s going to sound like Ratt since I wrote a lot of the stuff from the early days on my own. But I don’t go into it thinking that I want to sound like Ratt. I think it’s just my voice that kinds of throws it in that category except maybe one song off ‘Smash’ where I think my guitar player [Erik Ferentinos] was channeling Robbin [Crosby]. And that’s “Ten Miles Wide” which sounds like early Ratt like the EP but everything else, we really went outside, tried to get outside the park so to speak, and make it different. We wanted it to have a beginning, middle and an end, and not necessarily tell a story but just to be cohesive you know?”

In another recent interview with All That Shreds, Pearcy talked more about “Ten Miles Wide” as he stated: “…I get to stretch more with my solo stuff and a song like Ten Miles Wide is going to be the video single before the record is released. We start shooting in about a week. That is definitely Erik my guitar player channeling Robbin Crosby without a doubt. It is something Robbin would have come up with without a doubt, you know. Right out of the box you know, smack, Ratt! You know what, what can I say, my voice, it doesn’t matter if it’s me doing an industrial record without the Charlie Vortex it’s still my voice and that’s cool but I don’t try to change my voice to suit anything I just try different things and see where it takes me. It’s like a road trip and you don’t know where you’re going until you get there. We’re happy with it though we accomplished it.”

Stephen Pearcy‘s “Ten Miles Wide” song:

Stephen Pearcy – “Ten Miles Wide” (Official Audio)

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