Stephen Pearcy still likes what he is doing and doesn’t expect anything nowadays to go gold or platinum

Stephen Pearcy still likes what he is doing and doesn’t expect anything nowadays to go gold or platinum

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by Mick Michaels for The Cosmick View. Pearcy was promoting his upcoming live stream show from the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, California, USA, which will air tomorrow (on April 2, 2021) via Veeps at 7:00 pm PT / 10:00 pm ET. You can purchase tickets (priced at $10 US per ticket) to Pearcy‘s live stream show, which will also feature his former Ratt bandmate Bobby Blotzer, via Veeps.

In terms of whether artists can truly be themselves on stage, Pearcy opined: “Well, there’s a lot of realism with Ratt. That’s why we’ve, pretty much have kept to ourselves over the years and our dysfunction is the only thing people concentrate on. But I personally, you know, it’s strange because there’s two of me. There is this business guy, writer guy, creative whatever person… and then I flip a switch and I go out there and give you that guy, that rat bastard guy, you know, and whether it’s with Ratt or my solo things, I just fall into the sky and, you know, sometimes I know him and sometimes I don’t…you know, he’s a little more aggro than me, but he’s a fun guy, you know…there’s no problem there (laughs). He just might not be too nice once in a while (laughs).”

On whether he still surprises himself after all these years, Pearcy indicated: “Oh, 100 percent. Because, you know, I get really serious with them for a moment. You know, if I have eye contact and then I’ll just laugh and smile and just, you know… left field…they just go…”whoa shit this guy guys having a good time.” Of course I’m having a good time (laugh). Know I’m out here yelling at ya and things are good, you know. It’s a show!”

In regard to whether that keeps him on his toes (so to speak), Pearcy stated: “Yes, definitely…yeah I would say that it keeps you on your toes. You know I still like doing what I do. I still love it. The best thing about doing my solo shows is I get a chance to play my other songs and I’d like people to hear them. I don’t expect anything nowadays to go gold and platinum.

And I don’t think any of these new bands are going to even have that opportunity, which really sucks. You know, they might get a million streams. What do you get… a million stream award? (laughs) You know, it’s like they’re missing out on so much that we were you know, almost entitled to in our decade. I mean, Ratt’s fortunate enough…we did a lot of work, granted.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Stephen Pearcy at The Cosmick View‘s website.