Stephen Pearcy thinks that his solo stuff ends up sounding like Ratt one way or another

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Stephen Pearcy thinks that his solo stuff ends up sounding like Ratt one way or another

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by the Atlantic City Weekly and the singer was asked whether Ratt had any plans for a new record.

Pearcy replied: “Yes, there’s plans for new music, without a doubt. We’re deciding now how we want to go about releasing it, whether it will be a full record or just a bunch of singles. I think we will probably go that route though, release a few singles, see how people take to it and the rest is easy.”

In terms of whether he prefers to play in Ratt or as a solo performer, Pearcy advised: “I have more freedom with the solo stuff, but it’s going to sound like Ratt one way or another as long as I am doing the writing.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Pearcy at Atlantic City Weekly‘s website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Pearcy‘s last solo album View To A Thrill, which was released back in November 2018: “My high initial expectations for the album also stemmed from the release of the first two songs in advance of the album. “U Only Live Twice” and “I’m A Ratt” are two solid tracks that are best described as a hybrid of Ratt‘s mostly stellar material and Pearcy‘s solo material of varying quality. As it turns out, those two songs are among the best ones on View To A Thrill, which explains my initial disappointment when listening to the record as a whole.

This doesn’t happen too often as usually my first impression rules the day for me but I now enjoy just about every song on View To A Thrill even though I could hardly contain my disappointment when first listening to the record. As mentioned, the melodies on View To A Thrill save the day and are just too good to dismiss the album away.”

Stephen Pearcy‘s “U Only Live Twice” song (from album View To A Thrill):

Stephen Pearcy – “U Only Live Twice” (Official Audio)

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Ratt‘s “Eat Me Alive” video (from album Infestation released in 2010):

Ratt – Eat Me Up Alive [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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