Stephen Pearcy working on getting Ratt live record out “soon enough”

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

Stephen Pearcy working on getting Ratt live record out “soon enough”

Other than Ratt, hard rock and heavy metal fans would probably be hard pressed to come up with a platinum selling ‘hair metal’ band that has yet to release a live album. That is apparently about to change for Ratt as the group’s frontman Stephen Pearcy has announced that a live album is in the works.

The following message was posted on Pearcy‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“There’s was a reason why RATT never put out any “Live” records, we wanted you to experience the full assault. Experiencing the vibe, people, smell, power, lights and sound, the big picture. There’s bootleg cds out to this day that get close, but not really. I’m going to get the best RATT LIVE record out soon enough people. It’s time, and I’ve got the biggest collection of live Ratt

over the years to accomplish just that. Sound and visual, Stay tuned. Until then, here’s a little “Drive Me Crazy” Live 86-87 from the “Dancin’ Undercover” Tour.

[Click Facebook link above for “Drive Me Crazy” version referenced by Pearcy]

Setlist taken from March 17, 1987 show in Providence, Rhode Island (as per
01. Looking For Love
02. One Good Lover
03. Wanted Man
04. Back For More
05. The Morning After
06. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
07. Lack of Communication
08. 7th Avenue
09. Lay It Down
10. You Should Know By Now / Drum Solo / (reprise)
11. You’re In Love
12. You Think You’re Tough
13. Drive Me Crazy
14. Slip of The Lip
15. Round And Round
16. Body Talk
17. Dance

Ratt performing “Drive Me Crazy” live in New York, USA in 1987 (video from Rattmaster86‘s YouTube page):