Stephen Pearcy working on new solo album ‘Smash’

Stephen Pearcy working on new solo album ‘Smash’

In a Twitter post yesterday, Ratt‘s long-time and former frontman Stephen Pearcy has announced that he has 13 new songs in the works for his next solo album Smash.

Stephen Pearcy album cover

The tweet on Pearcy’s Twitter account yesterday states: “Stephen Pearcy‘s new solo release “SMASH” recording sessions are off and running’, (13) NEW songs! Release date TBA”

Pearcy‘s last solo album dates back to 2008 when he released the record Under My Skin. Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Under My Skin: “Actually I knew what to expect from this CD after listening to the first song on it, “You’re A Lot Like Me”, and that is not the catchy ‘Ratt n Roll’ that we all know and love. If you like Alice Cooper‘s Dirty Diamonds and Ratt‘s Collage, you’ll like Under My Skin, if not, stay away, you’ll be disappointed, I know I was. Not to say that there aren’t a few gems here, but they are outweighed by the filler in my opinion. The songs are written in old Ratt and AC/DC fashion, and the CD as a whole sounds a lot like Arcade‘s A/2.”

Stephen Pearcy‘s “You’re A Lot Like Me” video:

Stephen Pearcy- You’re A Lot Like Me Video

From Stephen Pearcy’s new album “Under My Skin”. Out now on Airline Records/TFR.