Stephen Pearcy’s next solo studio record to be a double album

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Stephen Pearcy’s next solo studio record to be a double album

It has been more than 11 years since Ratt released their last studio album Infestation but in the last five years, the group’s frontman Stephen Pearcy has released new solo material at a rather feverish pace. During the last 20 years, Pearcy has released five studio albums — Social Intercourse (2002), Fueler (2004), Under My Skin (2008), Smash (2017) and View To A Thrill (2018). Pearcy‘s current solo band members consist of long-time guitarist and co-songwriter Erik Ferentinos, guitarist Frankie Wilsey (Sea Hags, Arcade), bassist Jerry Montano and drummer Scot Coogan (L.A. Guns, Ace Frehley, Lynch Mob, Brides of Destruction).

The following message was posted in part on Pearcy‘s Facebook page earlier today: (with slight edits):

“Next! Ratt‘s Stephen Pearcy to release a double shot double album on vinyl first, for his next 6th (untitled) solo release for early 2022. The limited number of the double album (1,500) will be available first to the hard core fans only. You can pre-order the new limited edition colored vinyl through the web site TBA. The new record will then be available to stream, download the artwork, lyrics, credits, liners and will also include footage of the recording process. Also available on cd and cassette, the choice is yours. On Top Fuel Records 2022.”

In a recent interview with Vintage Rock Pod, Pearcy indicated (as provided by Vintage Rock Pod with slight edits):

“Yeah, so much time has passed since we started writing, Erik and I, my guitar player co-writer on most of my solos. It was so long ago and the record was done. We had the songs written like six months ago and that was a year process. So since then I’ve been writing like a fool and writing with him and all these new songs.

So I figured let’s do a double record and give it all you got. Just go in there, lay it down and say here “This is what happens in two years when you write tunes.” And they’re way different. There there’s such an ebb and flow. It goes all over the place this record.

Our new bass player, Jerry Montana, he did time in ‘Hell Yeah’. You know, he’s a more of an aggressive writer / player. So these songs could be heavy, heavy, or they could be Ratt sounding, obviously, if I write them. But I’m trying to take them outside, I’m trying to do a lot of different things, you know, and it’s going to be interesting because it’s going to go all over the place, so good luck!”