Stephen Pearcy’s Top Fuel Records Go Drag Racing This Weekend

Stephen Pearcy’s Top Fuel Records Go Drag Racing This Weekend

February 8, 2010


The newly formed NHRA Funny Car team of IDEAL RACING signs, long time NHRAsupporter, PIRANAZ – ‘Motorsports Lifestyle Apparel’ as Primary Partner forPomona and Phoenix NHRA Events. PiranaZ will also continue to partner withIDEAL Racing throughout the rest of the season through sponsorships and B2Bdriven programs. As well, Multi – Mega Platinum Rocker, founder and frontman of the rock band RATT, Stephen Pearcy, joins the team as theirpromotional front man for the season.

The two entities will kick off their partnership at the 50th Anniversary ofthe NHRA Winter Nationals at Pomona, CA on February 11, 2010.

“We are excited about being involved with the soon to be winning combinationof Jeff Diehl and Tony Shortall. Jeff is a cool character, hardcore racer,and will be a great representative of the PiranaZ brand of ‘MotorsportsLifestyle Apparel’ and as for being tied in with Stephen Pearcy of RATT,well that speaks for itself”, stated Jason Caldwell, Director of Marketingfor PiranaZ. (

“We’re gonna light the candles on the PiranaZ Hot Rod this weekend, stick itin the show then see what happens on Sunday” Said Stephen Pearcy, founder,front man, and the voice of Mega- Platinum selling rock band RATT. “It’sexciting to see a start up team with such good talent and promising future.When I heard Tony and Jeff were starting their own team, I had to give thema call and let them know I wanted in, too! Sure other bands have been in andoutta the NHRA, but since the old days I’ve been dedicated and will remainout here hanging out with my friends and fans smelling some nitro” saidPearcy. He will also bring his record label and recording artists from TOPFUEL RECORDS ( along with Carlos Cavazo (former Quite Riot guitarist) now guitar player from RATT to POMONA to welcome the fans, Ideal Racing marketing partners and to rekindle his long time passion for the sport of NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing. Fans will be able to take home some special merchandise from the PIRANA Z merchandise hauler from Jeff Diehl, Stephen Pearcy, PiranaZ.

“I am proud for our clients at Ideal Racing to have such an opportunity withthe long time, well known Brand of PIRANA Z ‘Motorsports LifestyleApparel’.” said Dan Pikarsky, Owner of iMagine marcom. “This is why we seethe world of NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing as a land of opportunity forcorporate America. Our marketing programs allow us to bring our retailrelationships to our clients and create unmatched B2B opportunities whichbring almost instant ROI for our marketing partners. The PiranaZ partnershipgoes way deeper than the a two- race primary partnership we are announcinghere, it’s about opening the door to many value driven marketingopportunities with Corporate America and submerging our partners in ittogether.” Pikarsky said.

IDEAL Racing also welcomes Associate Partners of, LesCure Company, Inc; JGParks & Son, Keigley & Associates Promotional Group, Red Line Oil, StephenPearcy’s Top Fuel Records, Impact Racing, HOVEN Sunglasses, Fram, AutoLite,Prestone, Clevite, CAM FX, Goodyear, Nitro – A – Go! Go! Right RockClothing Co, and ‘Oughtta Be On Chocolates’ ( Valentine’sDay Chocolate Hearts will be available at the PiranaZ merchandise hauler onSaturday and Sunday for that special someone on Valentine’s Day weekend.

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