Steve Cooke Fights For America On “Working For The USA” Single

Steve Cooke Fights For America On “Working For The USA” Single

November 1, 2012

Steve Cooke’s single “Working For The USA”, was commercially released on September 3rd and previously won best song in Americana at the Hollywood Music and Media awards in 2009. The album of the same name was recorded with AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in his studio in Tauronga, New Zealand.

Steve Cooke filmed his powerful workforce anthem “Working For The USA” in the Darafeev factory in Chino, Los Angeles. Darafeev is a family run business that produces luxury furniture made in Chino, California USA. Brothers, George and Paul run the local business with their 82 year old mother, who is still President after 53 years of American manufacturing.

For this factory, like many other businesses, China has become a huge problem. Darafeev has just re-financed their loans and many of their American customers have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcies and are unable to stay in business. “We feel like the last family standing, it’s not only the cheaper manufacturing in China that’s killing us, it’s also the government red tape and permit fees that make owners pay crazy taxes. I’d rather pay my workers more than getting constantly slammed with unnecessary taxes”, says Paul Darafeev.

With the election coming up and 23 million people unemployed, jobs are at the forefront of many people’s minds including Steve Cooke’s. He is a true troubadour and one man that’s fighting for’Made in America’. “I believe in ‘Jobs for America’ and ‘First save America’, then save the world,” says Cooke. He is not alone, there are many celebrity musicians who are supporting him in the filming at the factory; they range from members of Seals and Madonna’s bands to Asia. The featured actors range from Australia’s and Germany’s finest to “Transformers”.

“Working for the USA” draws attention to the white collar excessive waste and greed, but the bottom line of the song, is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a blue collar or white collar worker, ‘everyone’ at the end of the day is American and only by working together can we re-build a better America!

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