Steve Lee Tribute ‘One Life, One Soul’ Now Available

Steve Lee Tribute ‘One Life, One Soul’ Now Available

November 26, 2010

>Steve Lee Tribute 'One Life, One Soul' Now AvailableOn October 5, 2010 the hard rock world has lost one of its brightest talents, Gotthard vocalist Steve Lee. April Rain Promotion pays tribute to Steve Lee by collecting a series of reinterpretations of the beautiful songs of Gotthard in the new album ‘One Life, One Soul’.

The project was open to artists from around the world who were eager to send their covers and pay tribute to Steve and Gotthard, submitting MP3s, demos, guitar and voice samples. The recordings, which ranged from amateur to professional, were all from the heart and it was precisely this spirit that April Rain Promotion were looking for.

Several showbiz celebrities were willing to participate in this tribute, but in the end, the line-up was solidified with emerging bands/artists in the world of rock music. Since the beginning April Rain Promotion wanted to make this a ‘by the fans, for the fans’ tribute — and they think they have succeeded.

‘One Life, One Soul’ track listing:
1) Tank & Mitzi (Italy) “Heaven”
2) GoodWins (Russia) “Hole In One”
3) B.J. (Brazil) “Someday”
4) Chicka (Italy) “Let It Be”
5) Edward Menchicchi (Italy) “Angel”
6) Pubs Connection (Germany) “Sister Moon”
7) M. Hugo Otsuki (Japan/Brazil) “All I Care For”8) Freak Show (France) “Mighty Quinn”
9) MMM Acoustic Trio (Italy) “One Life One Soul”
10) Sound Explosion (Hungary) “She Goes Down”
11) Junkie Dildoz (Italy) “Come Alive”
12) Nathalie Griffart (France) “And Then Goodbye”

April Rain Promotion have agreed to donate every penny made from the sale of ‘One Life, One Soul’ to charity. Digital copies of “one Life, One Soul’ are now available for purchase at with negotiations under way to release a physical CD in the near future.

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