Steve Lynch getting the itch to get out and play again

Steve Lynch getting the itch to get out and play again

Autograph and Steve Lynch fans will likely be thrilled to read that the guitarist is itching to get out and play again.

Back in July 2019, Lynch announced that he was leaving Autograph to pursue new musical ideas with the love of his life. When Lynch‘s former Autograph bandmate / bassist Randy Rand passed away in late April 2022, the guitarist declared that this was the end of the band’s legacy and suggested that the remaining group members — frontman Simon Daniels, drummer Marc Wieland and lead guitarist Jimi Bell — could transition into an Autograph tribute band. Instead, the trio elected to continue as Autograph and released the full-length album Beyond in mid-November 2022.

The following message (photo not included) was posted on Lynch‘s Facebook page earlier today:


Pictured below is a guitar some of you may recognize. It’s the Jackson I used through the 80s with Autograph. I got the idea for the “graph” across the guitar from our logo, the “A” with the graph running through it, which I helped design.

I’m donating this guitar to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. One of Randy’s basses from the 80s will also be donated along with pictures, albums and other items from that time era, which Regina Rand is helping to make it all happen. Thank you Regina!!

I feel incredibly blessed to have the honor to place some of Randy’s memorabilia in this iconic place in his memory, as well as the memories of Steve Isham, Keni Richards, and of course, Steve Plunkett, who’s still alive and well.

As many of you may know, I took a break from touring with Autograph in 2019 due to some medical issues, which were quickly resolved. Then, shortly thereafter, Covid hit, that’s when I decided to write my book ‘Confessions of a Rock Guitarist’, which is in its final preparation for release. Since then, I’ve been writing some new material, and now, I’m getting the itch to get out and play again… so can I hear you say— TURN IT UP!!!!

Love and peace to you all. Cheers!! ❤️✌️😎🎸