Steve Lynch reveals legal battle over Autograph underway & considering starting his own band version

Steve Lynch reveals legal battle over Autograph underway & considering starting his own band version

Over the years, “hair metal” fans have been “treated” to two bands with the same name at the same time on quite a few occasions. Many people will remember the legal battles between L.A. Guns (Steve Riley / Phil Lewis) vs L.A. Guns (Tracii Guns), Queensrÿche (Geoff Tate) vs Queensrÿche (Michael Wilton and company), Great White (Jack Russell) vs Great White (Mark Kendall and company), Ratt (Bobby Blotzer) vs Ratt (Stephen Pearcy / Juan Croucier) with Warren DeMartini somewhere in there, and L.A. Guns (Tracii Guns / Phil Lewis) vs L.A. Guns (Steve Riley).

While we are not yet at the stage where there are two Autograph bands, former Autograph guitarist and band founder Steve Lynch has suggested that he is considering starting up his own version of the band while he is currently engaged in a legal battle with the Autograph band members.

Shortly after Autograph bassist Randy Rand passed away in late April 2022, Lynch indicated that he was sending his best wishes to the remaining Autograph band members (frontman Simon Daniels, drummer Marc Wieland and guitarist Jimi Bell) pursued “other musical ventures or transition into continuing as a tribute band to Autograph.” Likely to Lynch‘s dismay, the remaining Autograph members announced that they were forging ahead under the band name and they will be releasing a new studio album titled Beyond, which features the deceased Randy Rand on bass, via Frontiers Music Srl on November 18, 2022.

The following message was posted on Lynch‘s Facebook page on November 14, 2022 and as reported by Metal Sludge:

“To all the fans of the “real” Autograph who have been with us from the beginning in 1984- WE HEAR YOU!!! And we appreciate all your continued support tremendously!! What has occurred since Randy’s passing from the infringing individuals is shameful! The legal process is fully engaged, and justice will be served! Love to you all! Thank you!!!”

Interestingly, a fan by the name of Debbie Allen posted a comment on Lynch‘s Facebook post where she indicated:

They are posers
Just a tribute band!
Steve Lynch you should start your Real band
back up!!! How cool would that be??!!”

Lynch replied with the following comment: “Debbie Allen It’s on the table… thank you!”

You can go to the Metal Sludge website to see screen shots of the Facebook posts.

Of note, Sleaze Roxx has received information from a reliable source that the legal proceedings between the Autograph band members and Steve Lynch were initiated by the Autograph camp (against Lynch) which would presumably include Daniels and Wieland who were in the band with Lynch from 2014 to 2019.