Steve Whiteman explains why Kix co-founder Donnie Purnell was not part of band’s reunion

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Steve Whiteman explains why Kix co-founder Donnie Purnell was not part of band’s reunion

Kix frontman Steve Whiteman was recently interviewed on the Cobras & Fire Podcast, and spoke about why founding member, main songwriter and bassist Donnie Purnell didn’t take part in the group’s reunion about a decade ago.

Whiteman stated (as provided by Decibel Geek): “Donnie is a very bitter person. And um, the only reason that were doing these shows and the only reason that we ever even got back together was because Funny Money would go out and play and I had Mark on bass and I had Jimmy on drums and then once in a while Ronnie’s band would come out and play with us and we’d get Ronnie up on stage and do a mini Kix set. Then this promoter gets the big idea “lets fly Brian in and let’s put the whole band together and see what happens.” And it exploded  locally. That’s what triggered it. So there was no need to bring in the headache, the iron fist. The guy that’s going to rule everything. And control everything. And we thought you know this is so fun.  This is so nice to not having to deal with that stuff.  That we should leave it alone and that’s what we did.”

Sleaze Roxx interviewed Whiteman back in July 2015 and asked him about the status of Funny Money to which the singer replied: “Funny Money is on hiatus at this point. I got to the point where Funny Money — because we play Kix material during the Funny Money shows and that is what the Funny Money fans enjoy — and I thought that it was taking a little bit away from our Kix appearances in the area. So I decided to put Funny Money on hiatus for now. No regrets yet at this point but who knows if down the road, this could pick it back up.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Whiteman by Cobras & Fore Podcast below.

Interview EP: KIX Singer Steve Whiteman by cobrasfire

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