Steven Tyler And Daughter Liv Want To Record A Duet

Steven Tyler And Daughter Liv Want To Record A Duet

March 28, 2011

Steven Tyler And Daughter Liv Want To Record A DuetHollie McKay of reports: He’s an iconic rock star and ‘American Idol’ host. She’s one of Hollywood’s most wanted leading ladies. So why not sing a song together?

“We sing all the time together. We always talk about doing something together,” Tyler told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting her upcoming dark comedy “Super.” “Sometimes when he is in the studio he’ll say ‘come down and sing backup or sing with me on this song.’ But I’m usually somewhere else, and our schedules make it so hard to meet up.”

Especially now, when dad has a second job moonlighting on America’s most watched TV show.

“I’m not particularly familiar with ‘American Idol’ as a whole, I’ve seen it a couple of times, but I feel really happy for my dad that he’s doing something he loves and something different,” she said. “It has been really interesting for me because my whole life, especially in America, people relate to and really love Aerosmith. I’ll be pulled over by a cop and they’ll say ‘oh tell your dad if he ever needs a new guitar player like here’s my card’ or people really love Aerosmith and I was used to that, but now I’m experiencing something so different. People are coming up to talk to me about my father’s heart because they think he’s so funny and sincere. It’s really sweet because that’s the man that I’ve always known my whole life, but it’s interesting that the world gets to see that part of him now.”

Steven Tyler’s lengthy battle with substance abuse issues also helped Liv develop her “Super” character, in which she plays a woman who leaves her husband (Rainn Wilson) and hooks up with a hard-core drug dealer (Kevin Bacon.)

“I have had friends and family members who have been through recovery, so the whole process of AA, and just what it is like to suffer with that affliction is something I am familiar with and can understand both sides. I went to a couple of meetings and I read the big book of the AA and have myself been in family programs with family and friends, so that part of the process I understand,” she said. “The part I wasn’t so familiar with was being a heroin addict or being a junkie, so I watched movies and hung out with people who know.”

The 33-year-old only recently made her way back onto the big screen after a lengthy hiatus. Unlike so many in Hollywood, she chose to focus on motherhood and raising her now six-year-old son Milo, rather than keeping her career at the top of her list.

“His first few years were so important to me that I really got to be with him, bond with him and really be his mother, feed him and read with him and teach him those things that he’s learning for the first time. As an actor I just have noticed growing up, even from my dad, it’s a sacrifice — if you’re off on tour all the time or you’re away making movies all the time you’re not going to get to bond with your children,” Tyler said. “Because I worked for so many years from the age of 15, I felt comfortable to do that but now I’m really excited to just get back to working and trying to just figure out how to make it work because he’s in kindergarten and he has to stay in school. It is hard as it’s such a gypsy lifestyle that I’ve always led, but once you have a child obviously they want to have stability.”

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