Steven Tyler Sings Aerosmith At A California Pub’s Karaoke Night

Steven Tyler Sings Aerosmith At A California Pub’s Karaoke Night

January 22, 2010 reports: While it doesn’t appear likely that Steven Tyler will be singing for Aerosmith anytime soon, he’s still finding a way to perform his band’s songs… karaoke-style. According to Palm Springs, California’s The Desert Sun, Tyler and his management team visited the Tilted Kilt pub earlier this week. When the group arrived, Tyler’s publicist reportedly told the night’s emcee, Mike “DJ Kermie” May, that Tyler would not be partaking in karaoke and that any photos of the frontman were prohibited. So, of course, both things happened.

The Desert Sun reports that two patrons prefaced their karaoke cover of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” with a promise that their rendition would “totally suck.” And it did, so much so that the duo was booed off the mics midway through the song. It was then that Tyler, not one to let his Armageddon track be blemished, came to the rescue.

“All of a sudden, near the end of the song, [Tyler] grabbed the mic and started singing. The whole frickin’ bar surrounded him and he just started singing the whole thing,” May told the Desert Sun. “Karaoke will never get better then that.” May also managed to snap a photo of Tyler karaokeing his own song. With the crowd texting everyone they knew relaying what they had just witnessed, Tyler and his team made a quick exit to avoid the inevitable arrival of more star-struck bar patrons.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Tyler entered a rehab facility last month to treat an addiction to prescription painkillers; the Desert Sun suggests Tyler enrolled in the nearby Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage.

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