Steven Tyler Walks Away From Managers


December 15, 2009

Steven Tyler Walks Away From reports: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is starting to ease on down the Michael Jackson road: He’s changed managers again.

Tyler, AWOL from Aerosmith and clearly in health trouble, has left pal Jason Flom and John Greenberg of UEG. I’ve confirmed that he’s signed with Allen Kovac of 10th Street Entertainment.

Among Kovac’s clients is Motley Crue, which is a little ironic. Tyler, it’s always been said, wrote “Dude Looks Like a Lady” about Crue’s Vince Neil some 20 years ago. Maybe they could all tour together now!

Kovac’s other big clients are Papa Roach, Debbie Harry and Buckcherry.

If Tyler were an active solo star, he’d be the biggest act on the roster. As it is, Tyler is more like a hot potato crossed with a question mark. At 61, he’s no spring chicken. He also has enormous health problems that range, I am told, from the physical to the mental. A recovering drug addict, Tyler has been accused by road manager, Henry Smith, of never having been clean in 18 years. In addition to that, the rocker also has issues with his shoulder and foot, sources say, leaving him in tremendous pain.

Flom, the creator of Lava Records, was not only Tyler’s manager but friend and super fan. Sources say he was unable to take a strong stand on Tyler’s various issues. Some of those are legal. Tyler is part of Aerosmith; no one’s sure who owns the name, or if the remaining Aerosmith members can use it without him.

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