Stevie Rachelle appreciative of everything that has enabled him to still play songs from Tuff’s debut

Stevie Rachelle appreciative of everything that has enabled him to still play songs from Tuff’s debut

Tuff frontman Stevie Rachelle is currently on Brazil playing a series of shows with Tales From The Porn. While the singer is also known as Metal Sludge‘s principal who calls out various rockstars and others with respect to their mishaps, Rachelle took the time today to publicly reflect on many of the things that he’s grateful for that has allowed him to still be playing songs from Tuff‘s debut album What Comes Around Goes Around more than 25 years later.

The following message was posted on one of Rachelle‘s Facebook pages earlier today:

“I can’t say thank you enough to all who have appreciated our work.

First off, my biggest thank you is to Todd Chaisson, Michael Raimondo & Jorge DeSaint – who offered me the job to be their new singer.

That was July 11th 1987.

Without them, there is no Stevie Rachelle.

Michael even suggested I use Stevie – not Steve or Steven… as there was already a Steven Tyler and Stephen Pearcy and a Steve Stevens. Lol.

Michael also informed me, that my stage name Steve Lauxes (which is Sexual spelled backwards) was NOT gonna work, lol.

After a few years of playing clubs from Hollywood to Dallas, Chicago to San Francisco, Rhode Island to Kansas City – we finally got our record deal.

Many of those shows were booked by our only ever local agent – Shelly Berggren.

Thanks to a few others – who also played a major part in all.

Our local Hollywood manager Howie Hubberman, and then Brian Kushner of Power Star who helped seal our deal.

Then, a man who taught me (us) so much. Most of which I still recall and use this knowledge today.

That man is Producer Howard Benson.

There are many others too.

Including our first ever true road crew Dennis Dudek Rat, Kendog Carruth & Timmy Mercier.

Fans from around the globe / I thank you as well.

As I type this right now .. in a hotel room in São Paulo Brazil – it’s because of these people collectively – that I am here today.

These people are also the reason I have played music from this CD in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.

And tonight – I will take the stage at Manifesto Bar – with my Brazilian band (Tales From The Porn). And in the set .. we will cover 2 songs from this WCAGA record.

Over a quarter century later / and it never gets old hearing the crowd sing along to these songs.

Thank you Stevie Rachelle Tuff

Tuff‘s “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” video:

Tuff – I Hate Kissing You Goodbye (1991)

A Video Clip from “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND” Album in 1991.