Stevie Rachelle critical of Tracii Guns’ heat difficulties and L.A. Guns skipping Florida show

Stevie Rachelle critical of Tracii Guns’ heat difficulties and L.A. Guns skipping Florida show

L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns haΘ™ recently come under scrutiny for his difficulties with heat / hot temperatures, which has impacted his band’s ability to perform during the Sonic Slam TourΒ (also featuring Tom Keifer and Faster Pussycat) throughout this summer.

Guns‘ issues with hot temperatures first seemingly came to light when he announced that he would perform from a presumably air conditioned washroom rather than on stage with the rest of his L.A. Guns bandmates in order to overcome his panic disorder at the Sonic Slam Tour‘s stop in Plano, Texas, USA on June 23, 2022. Singer Phil Lewis, guitarist Ace Von Johnson, bassist Johnny Martin and drummer Shawn Duncan performed on an outdoor stage that night while Guns was sequestered in a small washroom.

L.A. Guns performing “Never Enough” live in Plano, Texas, USA on June 23, 2022 (video from nutgoat‘s YouTube page):

Two days ago (on July 23, 2022), the Sonic Slam Tour was scheduled for a show in Daytona, Florida, USA and L.A. Guns were planning on performing at that tour stop as advertised on their Facebook page earlier that day.

L.A. Guns ended up not performing in Daytona that night. Metal Sludge reported that Tom Keifer and Faster Pussycat were asked to play a longer set to compensate for L.A. Guns‘ absence but only Faster Pussycat ended up playing a few more songs. Of note, the Daytona tour stop was another seemingly outdoor show. As of press time, L.A. Guns had not made any comments about pulling out of the Daytona tour stop but they did perform indoors the next night (on July 24, 2022) at The Ranch in Fort Myers, Florida.

Faster Pussycat performing live in Daytona, Florida, USA on June 23, 2022 (video from Jean B.‘s YouTube page):

Sleaze Roxx received the following message from one of its readers yesterday afternoon (on July 24, 2022):Β “According to the crew, Tracii refused to perform last night in Ormond Beach because it was too hot. Left during soundcheck. Nobody has addressed it, not the venue, the band…. the other bands…silence. Which sucks, that’s the reason I waited till 2 hours before showtime to buy Tix.”

Metal Sludge principal and Tuff frontman Stevie Rachelle is apparently not impressed with Guns‘ heat difficulties given that he posted the following message on his Facebook page earlier today:

“Musicians Facing Adversity, How Do They Handle It?

Axl Rose broke his foot on stage with Gn’R in 2016 at Troubadour, then played the rest of their set… and then sits on a chair wearing a cast and sings to arenas with a band he just joined a month earlier touring with AC/DC never missing a single song.

Dave Grohl, falls on stage severely injuring his leg during their 2nd song of a show in Sweden in 2015, he did the rest of their 26 song set sitting on a monitor with a broken leg!

Jack Russell, wearing a colostomy bag after major surgery for perforated bowel, but continued to play shows. To this day he falls on stage regularly, but tells everyone to get away from him as he pulls himself back up to continue the shows.

Bret Michaels… well you know…lol

Joe LeSte of Bang Tango was brutally ill with sea-sickness, or a hang-over on a Monsters of Rock Cruise… the road crew put a 5-gallon bucket behind the bass rig and Joe would go barf in the bucket during the solo, come back and sing the next song. There are youtube videos of it, he never quit. and played the show!

Rick Allen loses his left arm after a tragic car accident… he’s played drums for the last 35+ years and has never cancelled a show.

Last week, Rage Against the Machine singer suffered a severe injury 4 songs into their set, he played the rest of the show sitting on a chair and had to be carried off stage after the concert.

Tracii Guns, it’s hot out… cancels shows to sit in the air conditioning of his tour bus instead of playing!

To anyone defending this, or has an issue with my words, please pound a full sized coffee can into your arse!