Stevie Rachelle recalls how Robbie Crane beat him in Tuff’s ‘Purple Helmet Club’ contest back in ’89

Stevie Rachelle recalls how Robbie Crane beat him in Tuff’s ‘Purple Helmet Club’ contest back in ’89

Tuff singer and Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle continues to share his story via a series of articles on Metal Sludge called the Tuff Diaries and is now on his ninth instalment. In his ninth instalment, Rachelle covers a lot of ground including a contest called Purple Helmet Club that Tuff implemented on tour for band and crew members back in 1989.

The following is an excerpt from the ninth instalment of the Tuff Diaries:

Purple Helmet Club.

What do bands do on tour?

They have competitions of course.

Everyone read about how Motley Crue members Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee would see who went the longest without a shower, right?

Tuff had a different contest.

We started the Purple Helmet Club.

The game was simple.

Fuck as many girls as you could on tour – and you win.

So as we left town the bus rolled down the freeway and we set the game rules in motion.

If you have sex with a girl, you get a point.

If you get a blowjob, or a handjob, you get a half point.

Also, it was kind of like the basketball game H-O-R-S-E at the same time.

If a whole week passed by, and you didn’t have any scores, you were given a letter.

Week one was the letter F, week two was the letter A, week three was G and so on.

We designed a chart, and listed all band and crew member’s names.

The players were as follows.

Band members Stevie, Jorge, Todd and Michael.

And crew members Robbie, Dennis, Kenny, Timmy and soundman Billy.

I think we added the bus driver too.

A week in and there were 3 guys at the top of the point total. Stevie, Robbie and Jorge.

As the tour wound down certain people were getting desperate for points (Cough >Crane< Cough) and he would do anything to score.

I recall being outside the club in St. Louis and we were getting ready to pull away.

The bus driver was ready, the band was on and Robbie was in the bathroom trying to close the deal on a 1/2 point hand job as the bus drive let the airbrake off.

The girl came running out of the back lounge with her clothes half off as he stood there smiling.

Damn, it was like the opponent kicking a field goal as time expires.

But I was always getting the best looking girls and tried to institute a bonus point for the hottest girl each day.

Unfortunately for me, the game had already started and I was voted against to add this rule.

The summer tour was a blast, but I must admit defeat. I was runner-up to Robbie Crane and I will never live it down.

Jorge was in 3rd place, and yes a few crew guys ended up with F-A-G next to their name.

It was close, as I believe Robbie had 23 1/2 points and I had 22.

Had my hottest girl rule went into effect I would have been over 30 points. Oh well…such was life on tour in 1989.

Ahh what it was to be young and crazy.”