Stevie Rachelle reveals how he “discovered” Vains of Jenna and ended up managing the band

Stevie Rachelle reveals how he “discovered” Vains of Jenna and ended up managing the band

Sleaze Roxx interviewed The Cruel Intentions and ex-Vains of Jenna frontman Lizzy DeVine back in mid-October 2018.

DeVine spoke about working with Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle who ended up managing Vains of Jenna as he stated: “I love Stevie! Still talk to him now and then. He’s the main reason we had a career at all. He took us in, showed us the ropes and made sure things happened. He has as many friends as enemies in the music industry, which helped us out a lot.”

Rachelle left the following lengthy “comment” at the end of the interview detailing his involvement with Vains of Jenna:

Lizzy WAS the reason I wanted to work with Vains Of Jenna.

Saw them play 1st slot, at 6;00pm, on a bill at the Whisky with 10 bands.

They played to 25 people (tops) and blew my mind.

I was seeing Hanoi N’ Roses…and told myself…”That is what I want to see again, and I can help”

They weren’t in their dressing room 2 minutes and I introduced myself.

I took their phone number at the hotel they were staying at and promised to call them the next day.

But..first…I calld Gilby Clarke. I called in a favor, Gilby delivered.

The next day (Monday) I took VoJ to El Compadre Mexican Restaurant for lunch.

In short, I said, “I have an idea. To do a demo. But we’re doing it in 48 hours. Which means. NO going out tonight. Because tomorrow (Tuesday). we’re going to rehearse the songs. And Wednesday we’re gonna record.”

Their flight left Thursday back to Sweden.

They had NO clue who the recording session was with.

I told them. “If you are in. NO going out. NO getting drunk. In bed by midnight”

Deal or no deal?

They agreed.

I then told them as they ate chips n’ salsa…”We’re gonna record at Gilby Clarke‘s home studio.”

They all burst into smiles and excitement…BUT…before they could celebrate too much..I told them..

“Hey…this is no big deal. Right? No autographs. No acting like kids meeting rock stars. You are equally the Rock Stars.”

I knew they were pissing themselves. But they smiled, cheered, drank and beer and it was ALL business.

2 days later we recorded what became the re-issued, re-mastered version of “The Demos”.

Nicki cut tracks with Slash‘s guitar, gifted to Gilby.

Gilby was a champ…and helped us out bigtime. Our friendship with him continued throughout the band’s career into today.

Jacki & Jp the brothers also played their hearts out and Lizzy screamed like ONLY Lizzy can scream.

They also got the first taste of outside direction (Producer & Manager), “Hey,.,maybe you shouldn’t say FUCK 25 times in EVERY song. What do you think?” Lol…as me and Gilby were laughing inside.

Oh…the amazing…love…and angst, and fun…and fighting…it’s just endless memories. Ahhh the good ole’ days.

That day, I handed them a contract…and said, “Take this to Sweden. Show it to your parents. Get a lawyer to look it over. I want to manage your band. I will promise you this…right here. I will bring you to Hollywood. You will get signed. You will tour the USA. You will tour the world. You will be in magazine, make videos, get endorsements, fuck girls, drink until you’re barfing and yea…you will probably do more stuff we won’t write on here. I promise ALL of this will happen.But. I cannot promise a Gold or Platinum record..or a millionaire lifestyle.

Everything else…it WILL happen. Watch.”

In the coming months we kept in contact…they played Sweden with local heroes Crashdiet. Sadly, Dave Leppard took his life only 3 weeks later. The guys were SUPER bummed. He was a huge influence to all of them.

In 2006… things went to a new level…from the UK. to Hollywood. to NYC, Miami, Dallas, and 500 shows in places most bands will NEVER play over the next half decade. Vains of Jenna did all that, and so much more.

One day…I will tell you all an amazing journey, of 4 young men from Falkenberg Sweden and 1 old balding Glam God from the 80’s era of Sunset Strip (Me, lol) and how we did what everyone said was impossible.

I believed…they believed…and we made a lot of amazing fans.

Who are still there today.



Vains of Jenna‘s “Enemy In Me” video:

Vains of Jenna- “Enemy in Me” (Official Video)

Vains of Jenna- “Enemy in Me”-Filthy Note / Raw Noize-Director: Sean Thomas-Clasick Productions / Ryot Pictures