Stevie Rachelle reveals interesting list of musicians that have played guitar in Tuff

Stevie Rachelle reveals interesting list of musicians that have played guitar in Tuff

Tuff frontman and Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle asked an interesting question today via one of his Facebook accounts regarding which eight out of ten musicians played guitar in Tuff and the singer then provided some information in there comments section about when some of those guitarists actually played in the band.

Rachelle‘s initial Facebook post was as follows:


Tuff has had a bunch of Lead Guitarists perform Live with us over the last 20+ years.

Below is a list of 10 Guitarists…but 2 are a Lie…

Which 2 guys Never played Guitar for Tuff at a Live show?

1. Jack Aurora of Sister Whiskey
2. Michael Thomas of Adler’s Appetite
3. Keri Keli of Night Ranger
4. John Corabi ex-Ratt/Motley Crue
5. Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot
6. Michael Raphael of Jailhouse
7. Steve Brown of Trixter
8. Darrell Roberts ex-W.A.S.P./5FDP
9. Howie Simon of Nelson
10. Boris “BC” Chudzinski of Shameless

Ready, Set, Guess!


Rachelle provided the information below with respect to when some of the musicians that played guitar for Tuff.

Jack Aurora (Sister Whiskey) — Several shows in 2005/06 and again in 2009/10

Michael Thomas (ex-Adler’s Appetite) — West Coast shows and a few mid-west shows and a UK tour

Keri Keli (Night Ranger, ex-Alice Cooper) — Two shows during the summer of 2003

John Corabi (The Scream, Union, ex-Ratt, ex-Mötley Crüe, ex-The Dead Daisies) — One show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as a last minute fill in during the summer / fall of 2001

Michael Raphael (Jailhouse) — One live show at Hairnation Live Festival in Irvine Meadows

Darrell Roberts (ex-W.A.S.P.) — Recorded the song “American Hair Band” and played 29 shows including a spring mid-west / east coast tour in 2001.

Howie Simon — Several shows including in Oklahoma, Texas and California in about 2017/18

Boris “BC” Chidzinski (Shameless) — UK tour in 2013

Tuff‘s “American Hair Band” video: