StOp, sToP release video for “Little Fighter”

StOp, sToP release video for “Little Fighter”

Glam rockers, StOp, sToP, have released a video for their new second single “Little Fighter” from their new third album Barceloningham.

Track List for Barceloningham:
01. Won’t Hold Me Back
02. Spit It Out
03. Over & Out
04. Humbug
05. Little Fighter
06. Billy No Mates
07. Out The Fire, Into The Pan
08. Walk N’ Stalk
09. Spanish Fly
10. Barceloningham
11. Johnny Ten-Men
12. Your World

StOp, sToP‘s “Little Fighter” video:

StOp,sToP! – Little fighter (Official Music Video)

“Little fighter” is the second single for the 3rd StOp,sToP! album “Barceloningham” edited by “Metalapolis Records”, available on http://www.stopstoptheband….