StOp, sToP! release video for “The Last Call”

StOp, sToP! release video for “The Last Call”

Spanish / bulgarian rockers StOp, sToP! consisting of lead vocalist and bassist Jacob A.M, guitarist Vega and drummer Danny S have released a video for their song “The Last Call” from their fourth studio album Get Selfied, which was released on April 15, 2019.

Track List for Get Selfied:
01. Renegade
02. The Last Call
03. Bite The Bully
04. One The Red Line
05. Living A Lie
06. You Drive Me Loco
07. Keyboard Warrior
08. Whiner Doll
09. Son Of A Beast
10. Have It
11. Trending Topic
12. You’re Rock & Roll

StOp, sToP!‘s “The Last Call” video:

StOp, sToP! – “The Last Call” (Official Music Video)

“The Last Call” First video from the fourth StOp, sToP! album “Get Selfied”. OUT NOW!!Order “Get Selfied” here:…