Storm Force feat. Brighton Rock guitarist Greg Fraser unveil lyric video for single “Because of You”

Storm Force feat. Brighton Rock guitarist Greg Fraser unveil lyric video for single “Because of You”

Storm Force consisting of guitarist Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock), lead vocalist Patrick Gagliardi, drummer Brian Hamilton and bassist Mike Berardelli have unveiled a lyric video for their debut single “Because of You” from their upcoming debut album Age of Fear, which will be available via Escape Music on January 25, 2020.

Track List for Age of Fear:
01. Because of You
02. Age of Fear
03. Breathe
04. Ember Rain
05. Ride Like Hell
06.Dirty Vegas
07. More Than You Know
08. Marshall Law
09. Different Roads
10. Ringside

In a recent interview with Dan Savoie for 519 Magazine, Fraser revealed of how the group got its name Storm Force. Fraser stated: “Okay, well, there you go. When we did get our record deal, we were going to be called Ring of Steel and that was the name. It’s so tough. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried forming a band, coming up with a name and then you do a Google search of the name and sure enough, somebody’s got it. Somewhere in this world, somebody’s already got that name. So Ring of Steel, we were thinking, “Ah, we like that one,” and we’re going to use that. So the record company wasn’t crazy on it. They said, “It kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings or something.” So it’s like, okay, well, let’s find another one. And then that was the toughest thing ever. Trying to find a name. Every name that somebody would like, somebody else didn’t like it. Or if we all liked it, some other band already had it. They had a website. It was like, ugh.

And then between me and the president of the record company, Khalil, he would say, “How about Storm 10 and how about,” You know. And then I would say, “How about something Force?” And then somehow we just kind of, “How about Storm Force?” And we both went, “Yeah, that’s pretty good.” And I look and there’s no real band. I think there might be an English pub band that just plays little pubs that has the same name, but no recording act has used that name.”

Storm Force‘s “Because of You” lyric video:

Storm Force Because Of You Lyric Video

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