Strange Dogs release self-titled debut EP

Strange Dogs release self-titled debut EP

Strange Dogs featuring singer Phillip Strange and guitarist Didier Demets have recently released their self-titled debut EP.

Track List for Strange Dogs:
01. Return
02. Too Late
03. Higher
04. Namaste
05. The Lies
06. My Burden
07. Satellite

The group’s “Story” on its Facebook page states:

“It wasn’t until 2016 that the pieces of the jigsaw would fall heavily into place following the alien abduction of drummer Bulldrum. Having been probed relentlessly the erstwhile tub thumper was asked to select four bandmates for the purpose of demonstrating the worth of the human race.

Bulldrum explains, “They grew tired of our planet. They thought humans were boring and had nothing to offer the universe. They were going to eradicate the human race. I panicked and made up some bullshit about how creative our species could be, and that they had barely scratched the surface of our potential. It turns out that these guys didn’t understand the concept of music so I told them about the ancient Gods of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. They basically said I had 24 hours to demonstrate what music was before they pulled the plug on our existence.”

Keyboard wizard Steeve Ronco picks up the story… “I was walking back home after a few beers when I was suddenly blinded by an intense light. Almost instantaneously I found myself looking at the stars from the vantage point of a Fiat Uno’s hood. In my inebriated state I’d walked into the path of an oncoming vehicle.”

The driver of the car was bass player JP Dirix, “It was unbelievable, I’d only just had the headlights realigned and Ronco walks straight across the road. He’d hurt his ankle so I had no option but to drive him to the Hospital.” The lads would never reach the hospital. “Steeve was my first port of call as we’d studied Glockenspiel together in the 80’s,“ Bulldrum continues.

“When Steeve accepted the call the aliens were able to locate his position and in seconds both he and JP were aboard the alien ship alongside me. The fact that JP played bass was a happy coincidence and meant that I only had to find a singer and guitarist; the least important members of the band.”

“Then it was my turn to take the call,” says guitarist Didier Demets. “As I answered the phone I found myself stood with the guys in a room not dissimilar to that seen in John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ video. We each had a perfectly tuned white instrument set up for us ready to play.” No one actually knows how vocalist Phillip Strange got there. “I didn’t call him,” says Bulldrum. Indeed, Strange is somewhat sheepish about how he came to front the band, “It’s not something I’m comfortable talking about at this moment in time.”

The lads set about rehearsing a song to blow the alien minds. Collectively the only song that they all knew was Barry Manilow’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’. Knowing that this would be the end of civilisation as we know it, they decided to write a brand new song. As the opening riff of ‘Return’ kicked in the aliens were stunned.

Unbeknownst to the band, the chords contained frequencies that sent the aliens into a hypnotic state. As the final notes faded out the lads found themselves back on earth. “We’d just saved the planet,” says Bulldrum, “So we decided to write some more music to safeguard the future of mankind.”

So there we have it, Strange Dogs are here to save the world.

(SD, the real story by Phil Strange.)”

Strange Dogs‘ “My Burden” song:

‘My Burden’ By Strange Dogs

‘MY BURDEN’ Written by Didier Demets & Phillip StrangePerformed by:Phillip Strange (Vocals)Didier Demets (Lead & Rhythm Guitars)Steve Ronco (keyboards) Sound…