Strange Karma Seek Aid From Fans In Creation Of Sophomore Album

Strange Karma Seek Aid From Fans In Creation Of Sophomore Album

August 29, 2013

Australian rock band Strange Karma might take their inspiration from classic rock bands of yesterday, but they’re embracing the future when it comes to bringing their new album directly to the fans via a Kickstarter crowd-fundingcampaign.

As it turns out, the majority of the album has already been recorded — with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory manning the boards — but the album needs some finishing touches, which is why the band is looking to their fans tosupport the completion of the album by visiting

Depending on their level of support, backers of the project will get rewards directly from band, including album downloads, limited edition CDs and vinyl, as well as chances to party with the band in either the US or Australia.

Led by the Australian brother duo of Martin and Paul Strange (who supply vocals and guitar, respectively), Strange Karma immediately created a buzz with their 2011 debut, ‘Vol. 1,’ which received countless accolades. Later in the year Strange Karma undertook a lightning strike tour of America, travelling from L.A. to New York and back again playing showcases to promote the album. At their Philadelphia show producer David Ivory (Halestorm, The Roots, Candlelight Red) was blown away by the band and also by some of the songs yet to make it to an album.

Strange Karma believes, “It only takes one band to change the face of music today.” And that with the fans support they can be that band — now it’s up to the fans to lend a hand.

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