Street Symphonies Records Sign Johnny Burning


August 3, 2008

Street Symphonies Records is a new Italian label entirely dedicated to glam/sleaze/rock’n’roll! Our first production will be Johnny Burning’s debut album “Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off!”. The official release date will be announced soon.

You can find out all the concerning information visiting, and

Johnny Burning

Johnny is already incandescent when Manuel and Elvis revolt against the constraints and prejudices of their small town near Imola and move towards building something new that will be a smack in the face of hypocritic rules and appearances. The flames blare out in the moment when Roby files through the ruined rows, and throwing fuel on a newborn Johnny, lights a fire destined to grow. The heat grows as Dany throws himself into the flaming mix, and Niko unleashes all of his power into the energetic bomb beginning to develop, setting his spark.

The explosion implicates a large part of the Imola region, which begins to dance to a rhythm long forgotten. In winter 2005 Johnny and his demo of five covers light up clubs, leaving literal traces, an act which begins to forge an ever-growing following that catalyzes the attention of the “anti-inflammable” audience. Summer 2007 witnessed the first album of the boy in flames gather oxygen and yet, before the reaction could occur, Elvis takes his foot off the gas while a loaded Cesko piles it on, bringing behind the lines as much oil as he can carry in his pants.

Before the album had even exploded, and without even the smallest signal of alarm by the promoters, the walls of all the bars and clubs on the street that joins Imola and Bologna vibrate from the echoes of the chorus from a Saturday night with Johnny Burning.

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