Streetlight Circus release video for “Needle Down”

Streetlight Circus release video for “Needle Down”

New York rockers Streetlight Circus have released a second video in support of their latest studio album Needle Down in the form of the title track to the record. The group had previously released a video of the song “Ghettoblaster.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Needle Down back in October 2016: “Streetlight Circus aren’t reinventing the wheel with Needle Down but provide some good time rock n’ roll mixed with strong melodies that will have you singing along or at the very least enjoying the sometimes rather simple grooves. While most of the songs are enjoyable, aside from the first single “Ghettoblaster”, there are no tracks that really stand out above the rest…

Streetlight Circus have delivered a solid slab of good time rock n’ roll with enough variety to keep anyone interested. It’s not the kind of record that will knock you over on the first listen or even second listen but it’s an album that every time you listen to it, odds are you’ll notice something new that you really like that you might have overlooked beforehand. In other words, Needle Down will grow on you the more you listen to it just like those classic Alice Cooper albums that were just too good to appreciate on just one listen.”

Streetlight Circus‘ “Needle Down” video:

STREETLIGHT CIRCUS – “Needle Down” (Official Video)

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