Striker unleash “live in the studio” video of track “Born To Lose”

Striker unleash “live in the studio” video of track “Born To Lose”

Canadian heavy metal rockers Striker consisting of lead vocalist Dan Cleary, guitarists Tim Brown and Chris Segger, bassist Pete Klassen and drummer Jonathan Webster have released a “live in the studio” video for their track “Born To Lose” which appears on their self-titled studio album that was released back in 2017. Only Cleary and Brown were featured on that record.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Striker‘s self-titled album:

“I am kind of shocked on how well that Striker have been able to incorporate melodies into their thrash sound on Striker. Quite simply, the guys have done a great job simplifying their music and incorporating lots of melodies while keeping the thrash elements that they are known for. Aside from the less than one minute long “Cheating Death,” it’s pedal to the metal all the way through the album.

Back when I had interviewed Striker guitarist Tim Brown a few months ago, I had suggested to him that Striker would have a more commercial sound than before based on what he was describing to me about the band’s new album. To me, “commercial music” has always pretty much meant selling out but in no way, shape or form are Striker selling out on their new self-titled album. Rather, they have come up with a very exciting combination of thrash meets a whole lot of melodic rock, and they should be applauded for those results.”

Striker‘s “Born To Lose” (live in the studio) video:

Striker – Born To Lose (Live In The Studio 2020)

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