Stripwired release video for song “Big Bob Steel” from album ‘Another Shot’

Stripwired release video for song “Big Bob Steel” from album ‘Another Shot’

Texas, USA based rockers Stripwired consisting of lead guitarist Michael Mroz, lead vocalist Darren Caperna, drummer Ken “Da Crusha” Schiumo, bassist Sheldon Conrad and rhythm guitarist Ramiro Noriega have released a video for their track “Big Bob Steel” from their album Another Shot.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Another Shot: “This is easily my favourite album of 2019 (so far). Michael Mroz‘s guitar playing is phenomenal. It’s not because he is going to blow you away with some slick guitar playing, but because his solos are melodic, tasty and fit the songs so nicely. The rhythm section is rock solid and it’s worth noting that the supporting cast for Caperna and Mroz this time around has completely changed with drummer Ken Schiumo (replacing Jay Benzi), bassist Sheldon Conrad (instead of Taylor Smith) and rhythm guitar player Ramiro Noriega (taking over for Mike Wagner).

Whatever the case, the rhythm section is rock solid and allows both Caperna and Mroz to really shine. The album Another Shot ends with “Big Bob Steel” which has a bit of an Alice Cooper feel to it and ends the record on a bit of a different and humorous note, and the way many groups from Van Halen (think “Happy Trails”) to Alice Cooper (for example, “I Love The Dead”) used to end their records back in the day.”

Another Shot finished at #2 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2019.

Stripwired‘s “Big Bob Steel” video:

Stripwired – Big Bob Steel

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