Stryper address various misconceptions / questions including band imagery, being Christians, etc.

Stryper address various misconceptions / questions including band imagery, being Christians, etc.

Stryper must receive a lot of repetitive questions because their frontman Michael Sweet took to Facebook today to address many of the questions as well as “accusations” that the group has received over the years.

The following message was posted on Stryper‘s Facebook page by lead vocalist / guitarist Michael Sweet earlier today (with slight edits):

“There have been many questions (and accusations) over the years from many folks and I thought I’d take a moment and address some of them.

1 – Is Stryper a Christian band? We’re a rock band comprised of Christians and our message has never wavered or changed.

2 – Are you a glam band? Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Ratt, Cinderella, Stryper – we all looked similar at one point in time but none of us we’re/are “glam”.

3 – Why do you use satanic imagery on your albums? We don’t. We use imagery to convey a message that goes hand and hand with our lyrics and our faith. We are not satanic nor have we ever been.

4 – Why do you perform in bars and clubs and with “secular” bands? We performed in bars and clubs in the beginning and we still do today. What better way to reach those who may not ever step foot in a church. We want to be a light in the dark.

5 – How can you claim to be Christian’s yet have long hair, tattoos, earrings, wear makeup and dress like you do? God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance. Having any of the above (or not having) means nothing in God‘s eyes.

6 – If you’re a Christian band, why do you charge money for your merch and your tickets? Well, aside from being our calling and our passion – this is also our job?

7 – Why don’t you play Jackson Guitars anymore? We were one of the first bands to endorse and play Jackson’s back in 1985. Grover was good to us and we were proud to play them. Now it’s a new day……. My Washburns are amazing!

8 – Why isn’t Robert’s drum set sideways any longer? Robert likes to eat popcorn while he plays now and if he was sideways you’d see him eating and that’s just not rock & roll……

9 – Why don’t you write songs like “Calling On You” & “Honestly” anymore? As much as we love and appreciate those classic songs, we’re always trying to evolve and grow. We’re one of the few bands who have actually gotten heavier over the years. We’re having fun doing so.

10 – Why do you all say you’re in your late 50’s when you’re really only in your late 30’s or early 40’s at most? We’ve made a decision to be honest about our age even though we look decades younger?

Hope this answers a few questions you may have had over the years.

Love you all and see you on the road?