Michael Sweet in disbelief at negative comments about Stryper and himself

Photo by Rob Ellis

Michael Sweet in disbelief at negative comments about Stryper and himself

After the recent announcement that Stryper had recruited former Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson, ex-Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines took to Facebook to make some choice comments about the bassist position that he held with the band.

Photo by Rob Ellis

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has apparently replied in a cryptic way by stating on his Facebook page yesterday:

“Forgive me if you don’t understand what I’m trying to convey with this post. Hopefully you will know exactly what I’m trying to say.

I’ve always tried to take the high road. I’ve always devoted my life to music but more more importantly, the fans. It’s why I do what I do.

It breaks my heart to read some of the comments by people who call themselves fans (or who were fans and have for what ever reason decided to stop being fans) about the band and myself (most comments directed at me).

This isn’t a cry for pity, I’m much thicker skinned than that. It is however a wake up call. I read some of the comments on another page and I think about 34 years invested in those very same people and I sit in disbelief. In shock.

We’re not perfect nor have we ever claimed to be. We make mistakes and have many shortcomings. We do however try our hardest to be a light in this world and do what is right, with nothing but the right intentions.

In return we get talked about in such a negative fashion and the people fueling the fire are praised with adoration and applause. It’s so hard to comprehend but I guess that’s why we all need God. He’s perfect, we’re not. Rob, Oz and I are broken and trying to heal. We’re three guys who love God and love people. Perry is now our fourth member and we love him. Please welcome him to the family but don’t do so within a post that is belittling and degrading to this band.

We deeply appreciate those of you who are true fans and who sincerely support our cause. We love you and we look forward to many more years,