Stryper frontman Michael Sweet would “easily” release four albums per year if he could

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet would “easily” release four albums per year if he could

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet was recently interviewed by Jim Barber for Music Life Magazine and the singer spoke about his love for creating new music.

Sweet indicated: “I have this endless desire to write songs and have an everlasting flow of music coming out of me. So, I need a way to express that. Stryper doesn’t give me the opportunity to do that 100 per cent of the time, that’s why we do an album every few years and then in between I do other albums. Now, if I could, I would probably alienate my wife, kids and all my friends and family, but if I could I would release four albums a year – easily. It would just be non-stop. I would be in the studio right now, wrapping another one up and releasing it three or four months after Ten. I could do that no problem. As a matter of fact, I almost think that more would come out of me and maybe even the best is yet to come situation would fall into place in that scenario. I do think the best is yet to come. I don’t think I have recorded or written my best work yet – I really believe that. But I try to keep a grip on things, so I don’t make everyone else nuts around me, because their plates are full.

My wife manages the band and manages me. She is working on stuff 24/7 already, so if I gave her any more, it really wouldn’t be feasible or possible. But I could if I was on my own, although it really would be a scary situation. I have this picture of me in a dingy apartment somewhere, unbathed for six months, long scraggly hair and fingernails, just like Howard Hughes, with 1,000 songs and working on another 1,000 songs.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Michael Sweet at Music Life Magazine‘s website.