Stryper guitarist Oz Fox diagnosed with two dark lesions on his brain that look like tumors

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox diagnosed with two dark lesions on his brain that look like tumors

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox keeps battling in the face of some tough medical challenges. Back on August 11, 2018, Fox experienced a seizure at a Sin City Sinners concert at Harrah’s Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA that resulted in the guitarist being rushed to the hospital and having to eventually undergo blood patch surgery.

The following was posted on the Facebook page of Fox‘s wife Annie Lobert earlier today:

“This is NOT what we planned! 

The doctors words: You have 2 dark “lesions” on your brain that we are very concerned about. They look like tumors.” 

TUMORS?! Wait…what did you say doc? And then the emotions kick in…


How do you prepare for the news of 2 brain tumors?

And then how do you handle the sad news they’ve GROWN since first discovered?

I cannot get the picture out of my mind–my husband laying his head on my shoulder (with tears in his eyes) saying, “I don’t want them to drill into my skull and become paralyzed. What if I lose the ability to play guitar?”

And all I could do was hold him…and cry with him.

Because that’s what a wife should do. And not only that…go to WAR for him.

And war looks like this:

Seeking 2nd. 3rd, and 4th doctor opinions
Making doctor appointments in different states (because Nevada is ranked 50th in healthcare USA)
Changing diet (again)

Asking God–what direction should we take?

And here’s the thing:

We don’t always get to choose what journey and trial we go through in life–but we CAN choose how we are going to react.

So in this serious situation we have decided to:

Be grateful for every single day–to not fear the future.
Be faithful–to do our part but trust God for the out come.
Be peaceful–and not panic about any negative doctor reports.

If anything…this has truly deepened our faith in God and humbled us…it has brought to our knees pleading for mercy & grace.

Would you join us in prayer for Oz–as we battle on our knees, and ask for him to continue to be healed?

We want to thank you all for your prayers…they mean so much right now, and we can seriously feel them!

And now onto Destiny House news!

We are blown away at the response to our matching grant for $15K that JOY International provided–and all of you that stepped up. Because of you…we made it last month!

But we are not through the scary waters of low finances yet…and you know what they say, when it rains, it pours!

Our transportation vans at Destiny House were on the brink of breakdown…

We had to use some of our crucial budget for emergency repairs, so that the ladies could still get to their important doctor appointments, counseling, and vocational school.

And our car insurance company told us they no longer carry commercial insurance (we need this no matter what) so had to find a new company. They gave us a a rate that in the long run was better coverage, but the deal is…we have to pay it upfront for a year.

Then…a bunch of lights (for night security) went out on our large property. And we just cannot have our property compromised and unsafe…they ladies need the best protection from their x-traffickers!

Here is the breakdown:

Destiny House van rear brake and rotor repair: $900
Destiny House van 100,000 mile mandatory service: $2455
Destiny House Commercial Transportation Insurance for 1 year, (2 vans) $8681

LED lights for Destiny House property perimitor surveillance system (broken light repairs included): $1941

Total replacement funds needed: $13,977

If you feel led to pray, please pray. But if you feel led to give–you can do that too!

We believe that even if someone gives $25-50-100-200-500-1000, or even 5000, it will put a dent into our crucial needs at Destiny House.

You can donate in FIVE ways!

1. Directly on our website (see link in comments) or our Hookers for Jesus page…click “Learn More”

2: Cash App: Just download the app to your phone and type: $HookersForJesus

3. If you don’t want to give online, you can easily write a check to:

Hookers For Jesus
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4. You can also TEXT 702-903-2221 and give! Just follow the instructions after the text back from Secure Give to create your account!

All donations are tax-deductible! And remember, we are Survivor Led. Every dollar you donate will go towards the cause of Destiny House–Outreach & case management, Shelter costs, 24/7 staffing, food, utilities, clothing, alcohol/drug & trauma counseling, art therapy, equine therapy, spiritual therapy, emergency medical and dental care, transportation, gift cards, etc.

AGAIN…we are so completely grateful for all of you! We cannot do this without your help, support and prayers.

Until everyone is freed,

Annie Lobert

HFJ Staff & Destiny House


702-883-5155 — with Oz Fox.”