Stryper guitarist Oz Fox praises bandmate Michael Sweet and admits not being that musically creative

Photo by Rob Ellis

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox praises bandmate Michael Sweet and admits not being that musically creative

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox took to Facebook today to praise long-time bandmate Michael Sweet and the latter’s wife who manages the band. Sweet had posted on Facebook yesterday about how he has led Stryper for the last 15 years and that it was a “very difficult” task.

The following message was posted on Fox‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Photo by Rob Ellis

“My thoughts at this time.

I’m happy to be in a band where one of our members is so creative that he has an endless supply of music to offer us as a band as well as the rest of the world. Some people have that kind of gift and others not so much. Me being the latter, but I’ve always been good with that. My passion, when it comes to music, is to be more of a knowledgeable, seasoned guitar player and precise backup singer.

It is also a huge blessing to have a trustworthy and fair manager that I can always rely on to take care of everything that we need. She never misses a thing and cares about us enough to always help keeps us in check for our own good.

I also like to be part of a team. In a team, there are varied strengths and specialized gifts throughout the members and together a harmonious product or goal is achieved. No one is better than the other. It’s the combination of how it all works… In other words the chemistry.

Then there are the times when things go wrong. When that happens my opinion is it’s best to go back to the drawing board and find a new way. Learn from the mistakes. Fall forward. If you are a strong person, failure makes you stronger. If you are a true surrendered Christian, you have faith that God will take care of you through it. There is no need to worry, complain or hate.

Photo by Rob Ellis

Going down that path only proves that you really do not have faith. You are not truly surrendered. And the world will see right through it.

We all have our faults. We all have skeletons in the closet. I, for one, have a garage full of bones! Should I share details about that to the rest of the world? No, no one should have to. That is why we have counselors available to us. They help us, in private, to figure out how to get our paths straight. They help us not to be miserable people. I have about a dozen men in my life that are mentors. People that I can always trust to give me the best advice I can get. I do not take their advice for granted. I listen and try to apply best I can. If I didn’t do that it would be so disrespectful to them. And I absolutely do not want to do that to my best friends.

I’m very blessed to have a wife who believes in me. Her heart is so selfless. She learned how to break free of her demons from the past and now her heart is filled with the love of Christ. She works 6 days a week helping others and hardly ever gets vacation time. Then comes home and tries to pay attention to me best she can. Not that I need attention but I love her for being the way she is.

My relationship with God has never been better and he knows and cares about every situation in my life. Surrendering my life to him has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I have total peace and I never am without. When I need to do something, he opens the doors. When it’s time to move on, he closes the doors. It’s that simple! Psalm 23 becomes so real to me in his presence. This is not something I am posting to imply anything other than to say that I am truly blessed…. ~Oz. Matt. 7:24-27″

Sweet subsequently forwarded Fox‘s Facebook message today with the following message of his own:

“And this is why Oz is a friend, a brother, a band mate and a confidant. I’d trust Oz with my life and I’m honored and blessed to be in a band with him. A true “team” player. Here’s to 34 more Oz.”