Stryper guitarist Oz Fox raising funds for upcoming brain surgery and other medical related expenses

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox raising funds for upcoming brain surgery and other medical related expenses

Ever since collapsing on stage while performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA back on August 12, 2018, Stryper guitarist Oz Fox has faced a number of serious medical issues including now an upcoming surgery to his brain. Fox needs some help with the mounting financial burden that all of his health issues have caused.

The following message was posted on Fox‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“It’s time for Oz Fox‘s BRAIN SURGERY.

While performing on stage in Las Vegas, on August 12th, 2018 at approximately 12:30 am, Oz Fox had a seizure on stage. He was taken to the hospital to stabilize his vitals and was given a CAT scan & MRI. Results showed that he had 2 masses in his head, one by his ear and the other in the back of his brain.

It’s been 2 ½ years of waiting and watching of tumors to see if they would shrink with various holistic treatments. The sad news is, they have not shrunk, but only gotten larger. Last year, Oz had a seizure right in front of his wife Annie in their kitchen. Annie called 911 immediately. The ambulance came, and Oz was taken to the hospital to stay for a few days.

He and the doctors at UCLA discussed plans for the future of the brain tumors. (a glioma and an acoustic neuroma) The tumors are getting bigger and will continue to threaten his life & daily functions if Oz does nothing.

It’s time. Oz and the doctors both agreed to operate to remove both of them, with two separate surgeries.

1. First, there is a huge challenge from the remaining medical bills from hospitalizations on October 2020, (seizures) and for December 2020 (Oz had Corona virus) and also trips to see doctors in LA last year for consult & testing for surgery plans.

2. Second, there are current financial challenges for upcoming surgeries. Oz & Annie have to come up with co-pays, deductibles, transportation, food costs. Additionally, both of them will be missing work during the surgery and recovery process.

Breakdown of challenges:

A) Oz’s medical bills from 2020 still due $12,246.00 and transportation, hotels, etc. was $2304.00

B) Insurance deductible for 2021 is $2000.00 plus first tier 2 co-pay will be $7350.00 & any MRI, x-rays, medical devices used will be additional costs 20/80% split for charges and also hospital stay (this is unknown)

C) Hotel stays for 2 surgeries for approximately 18 days each in Los Angeles and San Diego will be $7488.00 (not including food and transportation, time off work)

Right now, it is an unknown how much BOTH brain surgeries will cost after insurance or what will happen when Oz is recovering from both separate surgeries. This is a long road Annie and Oz are facing and they need your prayers more than anything.

Totals from above are $31,388 PLUS any UNKNOWN costs they are asking for $50K.

Oz cannot drive, fly or work (perform) for approximately 4-6 months because of the potential seizures and time for recovery. Also, Annie will be missing work during and after the surgeries as she helps to take care of Oz at the hotels and at home.

Anything that is given will go directly to the costs incurred to help to Oz & Annie with medical bills and supplement any income lost.

Oz has been in Stryper for over 38 years as a founding member and is in many different bands in Las Vegas — Sin City Sinners, Hart Attack & Bloodgood. God has used his joy filled soul and zest for life in so many ways with countless people! When you meet Oz — you feel like you’ve known him all your life! He is a wonderful son, dad, grandfather, husband, musician, but most of all a faithful, reliable and loyal friend. He would give his shirt off his back to help anyone in need — that’s who he is. Oz truly has a heart of gold!

Oz would like to sincerely thank everyone — he is overwhelmed with the support that’s been shown so far — he didn’t realize that so many people would care so deeply.

If you cannot give through Go Fund Me, you can send a check to:

Oz Fox
10120 W Flamingo Rd
Suite 4-647
Las Vegas, NV 89147

“We love you all so much”

Go Fund Me link is: