Stryper had decided over the phone to go with bassist Sean McNabb before going with Perry Richardson

Stryper had decided over the phone to go with bassist Sean McNabb before going with Perry Richardson

Last week, Stryper announced that they had filled their vacant bassist position with former Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson.

In an interview with Listen Iowa, Stryper frontman Michael Sweet spoke about some of the bassists that the group considered as he stated: “… We were talking with Sean McNabb (Lynch Mob), and I had a brief conversation with Chris Wyse, who plays with Ace Frehley and The Cult. I love James Lomenzo, who could have been a great fit, too. But there’s so much to think about, so when Perry’s name got thrown out there, it was one of those, “I never thought of that” things. I reached out him, and scheduled a flight. We jammed, and it felt right. No one was uncomfortable. We haven’t known him long, but from what we have heard from the people who have known him all their lives is that he’s a great person. He came in, learned five of our songs, and locked right into the pocket with Rob, who is one of those drummers who adds a lot, and is a little more difficult to follow. Perry nailed it. We sang harmonies, and it sounded like the album.”

Sweet also revealed that the group had chosen McNabb as its new bassist before changing gears as he advised: “We talked about some people, and we talked to people. We originally made the decision over the phone that we were going with Sean McNabb. He’s a wonderful guy. Talented. But he’s got the Lynch Mob gig, and they’re going to be very busy next year. We just fell like that, after talking to George (Lynch) and Oni (Logan), we just didn’t want to go there. We’re really trying hard to run away from any kind of drama. Any time we feel any form of drama is coming our way, it’s, “Boom! We’re out,” believe it or not.”

In terms of all the drama surrounding the band of late, Sweet stated: “It doesn’t come to use, it storms down on us! (laughs) And we’re out there without umbrellas and getting soaked. It’s the way it’s always been with this band, but the past two years have been that times 1,000.”

With respect to what the new upcoming Stryper studio album will sound like, Sweet stated: “The music is straight up Stryper and a little AC/DC and a little (Judas) Priest in a blender.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sweet at Listen Iowa.