Stryper looking for the right director for their upcoming band documentary

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Stryper looking for the right director for their upcoming band documentary

Stryper consisting of frontman Michael Sweet, drummer Robert Sweet, guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Perry Richardson have already raised more than $220,000 in pledges from 1,705 backers via their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming band documentary, which is advertised as “The Story, the Music, the Faith, & the Fans. 35 years in the making, please support the creation of the official Stryper documentary.”

However, Stryper have encountered some difficulties in finding the right director, which they have outlined on their Kickstarter campaign page, which indicates:

“Hi Everyone –

Stryper here. We hope you’re having an AMAZING Summer and really appreciate the love and support we’ve been getting from everyone at shows in the last few months, not to mention your support of our official documentary project. Thank you very kindly!

We wanted to share with you some honest insight, as to the latest updates on the Stryper documentary.  We’re working on it, but it’s going much slower than we ever imagined.

We’ve always been honest and transparent with our fans and we want this project to be no different.

The hardest and most time-consuming part has been hiring the main DIRECTOR. When we initially started down the road of making a documentary, we had a Director committed to the project.  However; right at the beginning of the Kickstarter project, he had some life changes (new baby, new job, etc.) and had to bow out. So we’ve spent some time interviewing new Directors.

Here’s the tricky part: The Director that commits to this project is going to need to dedicate at least 2 years of their life to this…and there’s risk involved.  There’s no guarantee this movie will be a big hit.  Additionally, as I’m sure you can appreciate, we don’t want just ANY director.  We’re really looking for the right person to help tell our story, probably the only time it’ll be told in a documentary format like this.

Throughout this process, we had 2 or 3 strong ‘maybes’ from Directors that for a variety of reasons just didn’t work out. As recently as YESTERDAY, we got another really strong “maybe” from a top notch Director that we love. We actually have a few Directors in the “maybe pile” and several filmmaker types (editors, producers, camera ops, etc.) that are interested in working with us.  All of them are really good, we’re just making sure that we explore all avenues that will give the project the best chance possible.

We WILL do this documentary. It’s just taking longer than we had hoped and for your sake (and for the sake of the message that will be told), we want it to be done right.

Please be patient with us. This documentary is really a story about YOU, the greatest fans in the world, and we want it to be told the right way.

We’ll be back in touch soon. In the meantime; please keep us, and this Documentary, in your prayers. It’s in God‘s hands and we trust that the end result of this delay will be an amazing story that will help change lives around the globe, glorifying Him.

We love you and appreciate you!

❤️ Michael, Robert, Oz, and Perry