Stryper to release new live studio recording in next six weeks

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Stryper to release new live studio recording in next six weeks

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon for Canada’s The Metal Voice. The Christian rockers just released their new studio album Even The Devil Believes today via Frontiers Music Srl.

With respect to the new album, Sweet indicated: “We are really excited and you guys know me I get excited about every release. Sometimes I get jabbed a little bit for saying every new release is the best. I really 100%  believe and feel in my bones that this is our best album and there are so many reasons why. It’s not just because of the music or the production but because of the times we were recording it in and it’s our first album with our new bass player. Everyone knows that Oz (Fox) has some health issues and we were all able to overcome. Just so many reasons why I feel that it is our very best. Then when I listen to it as a whole and the way it flows, I think it’s got all the perfect qualities for what everyone expects. One person wants more 80’s and they get it with the song ‘Invitation only’.  One person wants more heavy they get it with ‘Blood from Above’. One person wants mid tempo they get it with ‘Do Unto Others’. They want a ballad they get it with ‘This I Pray’. We kind of put everything in there to please everyone and you never please everyone but  this album is going to come the closest.”

In terms of the band’s soon to be released live studio recording, Sweet stated: “I will tell you what we did during the pandemic, since we could not go out and play. We flew the guys out here and quarantined for a few weeks then we went into the studio and we recorded for On Demand which people will be able to rent and or buy  new album in its entirety playing it from start to finish  and it is killer. Live in the studio and it’s killer. We had seven cameras and it will be coming out in the next 6 weeks. And then we did To Hell With The Devil at the same time from start to finish, every song.  There will also be footage of us talking about the songs. We did that to offer people the live experience of this new album. When you listen to it , it sounds like you are listening to a record. So it’s studio audio quality and video but it’s live.”

You can read other excerpts from the interview at The Metal Voice‘s website and/or listen to the interview below: