Stryper’s album ‘Reborn’ supposed to be Michael Sweet solo album and original version to be released

Stryper’s album ‘Reborn’ supposed to be Michael Sweet solo album and original version to be released

Stryper‘s album Reborn, which was released back in 2005, will be re-released but in its original state and dubbed Reborn Again.

The following message was posted on Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“I recorded a full length album back in the early 2000’s. It was sent to a number of labels and wound up securing a deal with a label back in 2004. Stryper performed in FL later that year and I played the album for the guys. They seemed to really like it! We began discussing the possibility of making this solo album a Stryper album. We all agreed that it would be an easy and timely way to return as a band. So, we re-recorded the tracks and released it as a Stryper album. For the most part, none of the arrangements and or the overall parts were changed. It was released in 2005 and it was titled “Reborn”.

I’ve always wanted to release the original version/tracks as it features Derek Kerswill on drums and Lou Spagnola on bass. They really did and outstanding job and never got their “dues” so to speak for doing so. I also always wanted to add some more rhythm guitars, guitar solos, a few high notes and a few more synth parts to “beef” things up a bit and remix, remaster & release it on my own. That time has finally come.

I start the mixing process with Kenny Lewis today and I can tell you that it sounds absolutely killer! It’s very interesting to hear it in its original state and I think you’re going to love it!!

This will be a very limited run of vinyl & cds and it will also be available for download. There is no set date yet but as soon as we have one you all will be the first to know.

Last but not least, this is in no way to disrespect the Stryper version. I think that version played a very important role in our return and I know many of you love it, as do I! This is just an opportunity to share with all of you the original version, which stands on its own and will have many great things added as well. I’m really excited for all of you to hear this!!! I hope you all are just as interested and as excited as I am🙏

Stay tuned👊Reborn Again””